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Privacy policy

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Privacy policy

1, under normal circumstances, the user is not required to provide personal information to access Prevost website.

2, unless you voluntarily and take the initiative to provide personal information to Prevo (for example information request etc.), or as you browse the websiteand access Webpage when the site shall not collect personally identifiable information. This means that Prevost not only because of you to visit the website of the company who know your name, email address or any other personal identification information. Prevost will save you to visit the company's Web site by the use of IP address, access date, use the browser and visit theWebpage

3, Prevotella reserves the right to change this privacy rights. All changesmade to this privacy policy will be released with this so that you can alwaysunderstand what information will be collected as the Jiafu, how to use theinformation and whether the company will such information to any other party.